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Android Mobile Application Development

Our objective is to develop mobile applications that are easy to use with instinctive user interfaces.

Applications should be fun to use and at the same time add value to your daily activities.

“Java is to JavaScript what car is to Carpet.” – Chris Heilmann

Starting out with mixing eJuice can be a bit of a hassle. I created this calculator to assist me in mixing my eJuice/vape juice. It is a straight forward calculator which shows units between milliliters, grams and percentages. The calculator generates a full list containing Basic eJuiceCalcg your concentrates/flavors. The list can bee saved to a text document or sent via email or chat client.

Your device need to be Rooted to make use of this application. it is designed to work within smaller screen sizes. This means you BOOT will be able to use it even in a smartwatch. Reboot into: Recovery, Download and more

**This application will also check for Root access.

Loop your favorite images on your phone or tablet screen. You are able to lock your device or leave it unlocked during your photo loop. Turn your old tablet into a digital photo frame!

How to: All mobile devices have a folder DCIM available within the phone memory. Install DigiWall on your device. Rename 10 of your favorite images from 1 to 10. Copy 10 photos to the DCIM folder starting with the image named number 1. The last image will be named 10 . Open DigiWall, press the Activate DigiWall button. Press the Refresh Screen button. Press the Full Screen button, this will launch DigiWall in full screen mode.

Create a list and send via email or chat client (text or spreadsheet format)

Easily create a list with Amount, Item Name and Cost and send via normal text or as a spreadsheet. The list can be saved as a spreadsheet file to be sent via email. Alternatively the text can also be sent via a chat client. No fancy spreadsheet knowledge needed. Simple and easy to use. Access your email or chat software directly.

FlippiText will allow you to send messages that are flipped, reverse flipped, reversed and low level encrypted. The receiver will be able to decrypt text sent to them by FlippiText. All text are available on your device only and is not shared with any other clients. Encrypt your private emails and chats. Send flipped text messages to friends and family. Send reverse text to stop prying eyes from readily identifying messages. Easily share messages among your email, chat and note taking applications.

The one tool that host various widgets to lock your device, show screensaver, screen-wake, start/stop data and screen-lock. You can wake your device by: Shaking it, Waving in front of the proximity sensor, Tapping the screen and using the hardware keys on your mobile device.

MoMessages contains various messages and chat responses to: Birthdays, Love, Death of a friend or family member, Blue and ordinary Mondays, etc...

Easily send messages via your favorite chat client or Email client.

It checks your website availability every minute. Should your website not respond, the application will sound an alarm to notify you about your website status. The application will display a log of when your website became inactive. The application is free and will run in the background. It makes use of very little data to check your website online status.

Use this application as your backup EDC. Your hardware can never be replaced with this application. This can however be used on days you may have forgotten certain items of your daily carry. You are able to hide ads which allows you full compass usage.

Night Dim Clock is a lightweight application which hosts: Hide Ads, Date, Time, Next scheduled alarm, Setting up of alarm (integrated alarm application)

The clock and above tools are available in portrait and landscape view.

Phone Form will display the following information about your Mobile Device:

Root availability, Screen Size, Network Information, Cell Location Primary, Scrambling Code, Cell Location Area Code, Carrier Name, Line Number, Manufacturer, Version release , Version.Release, Version.Incremental, and a few more details that may come in handy.

For Rooted Devices

This small application will lock your device and turn off your data connection to save data usage. Data will be reactivated as soon as the screen lights up or your mobile device is unlocked. As soon as your mobile device light goes off or your device is locked, the data connection will be deactivated again. When your data connection is deactivated you automatically save on battery usage. This feature works on rooted devices only.

Use this easy and free application to sound a:-Dog Whistle, Emergency, Whistle, Cat Call and more.

Fun little app that will even let you prank a few people.

Use your screen or back flash as a flashlight. Now you have the choice of using your mobile phone as a flashlight. If your phone flash is faulty or if your phone does not have a back flash, you can make use of your screen light. Working on your car, on your hiking trip , stuck on the side of the road, make use of your phone which is currently part of your everyday carry (EDC) to light up your darkest hour.

Control your device volume without using your volume button. Ever wanted to increase or decrease your device volume without using your volume button?

This small application gives you access to your default volume control. Works on devices with or without a broken volume button.

This free application will save a web page for offline viewing. Text and images are saved within a single file to your device. You are able to access these offline pages without

internet connectivity.

This application does not replace your current browser, it merely uses its own integrated internet browser to search and download pages. Downloading of pages are free and will not use your data or funds to save pages to your device.

Protect your messages from prying eyes, use uCipher to encode text messages, chats, emails etc....

uCipher wiil allow you to setup and use your own custom cipher. You can share your cipher easily with friends, family and colleagues.

Only people who has your custom cipher will be able to read your messages. Your cipher can be password protected within the app.